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About Us

                We, a group of four friends from different fields, joined hands to work for a better tomorrow with a view of  providing up to date notes, questionnaires, placement assistance to the engineering students. The www.uptunotes.com is a mission-driven not-for-profit website, a hub which will help you throughout your engineering career, that connects students to college success and opportunities. Here we aim at providing you with all the useful and needful content of engineering as well as career guidance throughout.


Hosting Engineer
NIIT Limited, Gurgaon
Mob: +91-7835857363
Email: alok.7887@gmail.com


Sr. Lecturer
Krishna Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Mob: +91-9621885544
Email: er.navneetpal@gmail.com


Asst. Professor
Kanpur Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Mob: +91-8896888139
Email: d.pandey2906@gmail.com


Asst. Professor
Allenhouse Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Mob: +91-8808189499
Email: er.shubhanshi@gmail.com


UPTU Notes Think Tank

Power of the People

To sustain innovation in our organization, we welcome buzzing creative ideas and initiatives from the people who come from every walk of life, every race to contribute to the growth of our organization. These individuals are unified by a common mission. Thus we have established a Think Tank who help us in strategy formation and implementation process. These hard-working people are well aware about the real dynamics and understand the practical challenges. The Think Tank meets regularly with the Advisory council and share their suggestions, observations and insights. This back-and-forth communication helps us chart the path to success and give a voice to our students.

Our Team : : Our Strength 


1-      Mr. Siddharth Bajpai (Career Guidance , Notes)

2-      Mr. Ashish Kanaujia (Technical Support)

3-      Ms. Rashi Bajpai (Technical Support)

4-      Mr. Bhraguraj Dwivedi (Aptitude Preparation Guide & Placement Activities)

5-      Mr. Anuj Khanna (Notes)

6-      Mr. Devesh Pandey (Notes)

7-      Mr. Rajan Verma (Notes)

8-      Mr. Amar Deep Tripathi (Notes)

9-      Ms. Shalini Mishra (Notes)

10-    Ms. Jyoti Chaturvedi (Notes)



  1. Avatar for uptu

    It is a very good approach to help students. This website will provide a lot of support and help to students in understanding their subject deeply with good content. All the best for your website and good job for betterment of engineering students in every prospective.

  2. Avatar for uptu

    Thank u sir for giving a extraordinary online support to all of us.And my best wishes are with you and forever.
    This Website is just Heaven for all of us…….

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