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5 Tips to Overcome Mobile Addiction

by Team UPTUNotes
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What is the first thing you do after getting up in the morning? You check your phone! Nowadays, people become dependent on mobile phones, but digital addiction has several disadvantages, whether with mobile phones, computers, laptops or others.

But, is there a way to control this addiction?

There are surely!

Let’s review and understand the 5 tips for managing the temptations of technology!


How to get over Mobile Addiction / Digital Addiction?

Like any other addiction, getting away from Facebook and Twitter is a difficult task. But it is not impossible. Let’s go through five simple steps that will help you stay away from your cell phones, electronics and social networks

Step 1: Go Offline

The easiest way to avoid mobile phones or social networking platforms is to turn off the devices. When you do something important, turn off your mobile phone and turn off notifications. This will prevent you from touching your mobile phone whenever the notification light appears. Disconnection will help you keep all your distractions at bay and, at the same time, better focus on your work.

Step 2: Get Out Of Home

When did you last leave your home without a mobile phone? Nowadays, the dependence on mobile devices has become so extreme that people end up watching the stars or watching a beautiful sunset on their mobile phone. So, to avoid this, the next time you leave home, leave your phone. Just leave with the sole intention of focusing on yourself and the people around you. Stroll, run, breathe fresh air, meet new people, talk to your neighbors. Leaving your home without your mobile phone will not only help you overcome your mobile addiction, but will also help you pursue your passions and interests.

Step 3: Allow Yourself Some Online Time

Disconnecting completely from cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices can go against your goal of overcoming mobile device dependency. Because, like other addictions, if you stay disconnected all day long, the need to come back and use a cell phone or access Facebook again multiplies exponentially. To avoid this, do not stop using your mobile phone completely. Instead, give yourself some time online!

There is a very effective function on your mobile phone called “Timer”, set to ten minutes and using your mobile phone only during this period. During these 10 minutes, use what you want; Check your emails, sign in to Facebook, or go to Twitter. But at the end of the allotted time, go back to your work. This will help reduce the time spent using your mobile phone.

Step 4: Do A RealityCheck.

The fourth step in the mobile addiction process is to check the reality of the time you use your mobile phone. The reality test is about assessing the value of using a mobile phone and the value it adds to your life. There may be cases where using the mobile phone may help, but prolonged or prolonged use may not be. Therefore, do a thorough check of the reality and determine if it is really worth spending your time, your energy and your money on social networks. Think about it!

Step 5: Turn Your Determination into Action

No matter what your planning or the strength of your will, you can not achieve anything unless you are turning your determination into action. The last step in this list of tips for overcoming mobile addiction is about it.

To overcome mobile addiction, put your thoughts into action. None of the steps mentioned will work if you do not work on it. Train your brain to restrict mobile use. Create affirmations to use only the mobile phone for the next 10 minutes, stay loyal to them and get back to work as soon as the time set by you arrives.

Acting is the only sure way to manage your technological temptations, be it mobile addiction, laptops or any other device.

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