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Creative career options after B.Tech.

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I do not want to enter the programming field after B.Tech. But would you prefer something creative? Check out the best career options in the creative field after B.Tech. Computer course

It is good to know that you are interested in the creative career. I would appreciate your intention to select a career based on your interest not based on annual income. Money may not be an important factor in our career after a few years. Photoshop is also good to know compared to programming languages.

Below are some of the areas you can work which need more creativity than programming knowledge.

1. Flex or Logo Design: This is one of the fastest growing areas in today’s market. Companies that are trying to attract more customers based on creative logos and flexible design. Even our Indian government has announced a logo design contest with an RS award. 10,000 You can work as a freelancer in this field or work with any new company in your area. You can get online orders for logo design via independent websites.

2. Animation: animation is a field that requires minimum programming knowledge and maximum creativity. All movies that are released today have graphic or animation content in certain parts of the film. You must undergo training in animation courses and graphic design in some renowned institutions. The salary is usually high for graphic designers in many companies.

3. Application Development: You may wonder if application development requires more programming knowledge. Yes, you’re right, but developing applications also requires a knowledge of Photoshop. Have you ever seen games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run or Angry Birds? Most images presented in applications are designed using Photoshop. There are many job opportunities available in this area for those who dominate Photoshop.


4. Flash Movies: Flash is another platform for creating animated videos. You do not need much programming knowledge to use flash. All you need is creativity. You can create a special video through Flash. Flash movies are widely used on major websites to attract more customers. Flash movies are also used to show ads on web pages.

5. Auto cad is a good option as they are various versions available of auto cad that deals with the designing works associated with buildings,automobiles and much more.

Auto cad is used for 2D and 3D modelling and persons having skills in those are having great demand and better career opportunities.

Latest release available of Auto cad is 2016

Available i two variants:
1. Auto Cad LT
2. Auto Cad 360

6.Software testing As you are pursuing B.tech in IT, you should work in IT field only for your better career growth. But if you don’t want to be a programmer like Software Developer then you should go in Software testing field as because in this job there is no need to do programming. and there is nice career growth. so this would be the best area for you.

7.3D Animation: First of all I want to tell that there are no any special criteria to learn 3D Animation. You will get many career options after completing your B. Tech You can also learn 3D Animation softwares and join similar courses to make your career in the field of creativity.

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