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Google claims that all Android Pie phones are compatible with Project Treble.

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Google claims that all Android Pie phones are compatible with Project Treble; The cake will be on more devices in 2018 than in Oreo in 2017

Google expects more Android phones to run Android Pie in 2018
He cited the evolution of the Acute project as a reason.
All phones that start with Android Pie will be compatible with treble

Just days after its Android developer summit, Google announced that all devices that will be launched with Android 9 Pie or later would be a claim of the project. As a reminder, the tech giant had launched the Treble project last year to reduce the time needed to update OEM partners on Android devices. The adoption of the Android version poses a major problem, namely the slow publication of customized versions of the manufacturers on their phones. Thanks to the Treble project, Google estimates that Android 9 Pie will reach more devices by the end of 2018 than the number of Oreo Android phones in 2017.

Google provided an update on Project Treble developments. As mentioned, Google indicates that all future devices with Android 9 Pie or later will be compatible with the treble and will take advantage of the “maximum treble architecture” to offer faster updates. Iliyan Malchev, architect of the Treble project, says on his blog: “Thanks to Treble, we hope to see more devices from the original equipment manufacturers running Android 9 Pie by the end of 2018 compared to the number of devices running Android Oreo at the end of the month 2017. ”

Although Google’s expectations can benefit the Treble project, it’s worth noting that there are still not many smartphones that have adopted the latest version of Android. According to Google Android’s monthly distribution table for October 2018, the proportion of Android smartphones using Android Pie was still below 0.1%. As a reminder, the total share of Android Oreo in January 2018 was 0.7% and 0.5% in December 2017.


At the latest Android developer summit, Google demonstrated the benefits of the Treble project by displaying the same generic system image (GSI) that runs on devices from different manufacturers. GSI is essentially a pure, unmodified Android version of the Open Source Android Project (AOSP), with no customization by the manufacturer or operator. In its most recent blog, the company states that the GSI was created from the latest source code available from AOSP, including the latest bug fixes provided by OEMs.

“We continue to work to make GSI more accessible and useful for application developers, for example, GSI could provide quick access to future versions of the Android platform that can run on Android 9 compatible devices. of triples start the development and validation of applications before the launch of the AOSP, “added Malchev.

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