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How can you create a thesis and not use the essay writing service?

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Nowadays, more and more students are choosing to buy a custom essay instead of writing it for themselves. This happens for a number of reasons: the essay writing service is widespread, most students can afford it, and most students are overwhelmed with work, family problems and personal problems that prevent them from concentrating. your study. Lack of time and the availability of pocket money make current students loyal customers of companies offering personalized writing services.

What should you do if you want to write the essay for yourself?

In fact, many students want to write their papers for themselves. Not only does it save money, but, more importantly, it provides knowledge of the subject and the opportunity to become a better specialist in your field. Meanwhile, many newbies have the same problem: they do not know how to write the essay. Despite the availability of methodological materials, courses, articles, etc., this question remains of current interest. If you are one of the students who want to learn to write, or if you want to improve your skills, read carefully, it will help you in the future.

The method of the right questions.


One of the easiest and most efficient methods to write a great essay is to ask the right questions. A typical thesis contains different types of information that are structured in specific sections. Both short and long articles present the following information: an introduction, data analysis, counter arguments and conclusions. The first and last elements have fixed places, but others do not. That is why it is useful to think about these sections in terms of answering a series of questions that your teacher or any other reader can ask when reading your documentation. Readers should have questions because, if they do not, their work is an inviolable statement and can not be considered scientific. The most useful questions are: “What?”, “How?” And because?”.

“What?”, “How?”, and “Why?”

The first question is “What facts show that the problem described in your essay is true?” To answer this question, you must verify your evidence and present the facts in a logical and reasonable manner. The “what” section appears at the beginning of the essay, often right after the introduction. However, keep in mind that you do not write too much in this section. Your volume should not exceed one third of your essay; otherwise, it will look like a summary or description, but not a scientific work.

“How” is another important question. It can be formulated as “how does the new material influence, another set of sources, a new way of looking at the evidence, the claims it is making?” In general, the thesis includes at least one “how” section. It usually comes after the previous “what” section.

The “why” question will help you and your readers understand why your interpretation of the considered phenomenon is important to anyone other than you. This problem is very important because it allows you to understand the applicability of your work. You should raise it in the introduction, but the most complete answer should be given at the end of the essay.

As you can see, writing the essay is not hard work, but it requires a creative approach, attention to detail and confidence in your work. Meanwhile, if you do not want to waste time writing the essay, you can easily request a custom essay from a reliable company.

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