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How Google Hires: Busting Myths and Stating Facts

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Google is a dream company  for many job seekers. After all, who would not think about this technology? If you still need something convincing, here are 3 good reasons to join Google:

1. The Phenomenal Perks at Google

Imagine: at Googleplex, you can take your dog to work, enjoy delicious FREE meals in campus cafes and restaurants, free massages, free haircuts, and more.

Google even pays a deceased employee’s partner / spouse 50% of his salary for 10 years as a death benefit. In life and death, Google keeps your interests at heart.

2. Employee Happiness Matters

When you work on Google, you will literally have a “Jolly Good Companion” for the company. Yes, that’s the official Google title for your Happiness Director (CHO). Someone who is responsible for fostering a culture of happiness in the workplace. This CHO is responsible for several happiness initiatives focused on employees that promote happiness in the workplace.

3. Talent in Abundance

In most companies, the “exceptional talent” will be a minority. Well, that’s not the case with Google, since the technology giant manages to attract some of the best talent from around the world. There is no better example to quote here than its own CEO, Sundar Pichai, who comes from a modest background, but who has achieved great success in the world of technology for his great talent and is now at the head of Google. Working with such sharp minds will only increase your repertoire of skills.

Now that we have outlined some great reasons to join Google, here comes the million-dollar question:

How Google Hires?

Let’s cut to the chase and help bust some myths of hiring at Google:

Myth 1 – Google only hires from Ivy-League institutions

Well, if you’ve heard that before, IT’S INCORRECT!

The fact is … Google hires people from all types of funds and universities. They even hire people who have not attended a university.

Myth 2 – Prep up for some Brainteasers 

If you expect to get all those wonderful benefits and witness a fabulous corporate culture that exists on Google in person, you’ll have to be prepared for some Brainteasers during your interview.


The FACT is… While getting at interviewed at Google, no one’s going to ask you Brainteasers aka CRAZY QUESTIONS like “How many golf balls can fit into the Empire State Building?”

Myth 3 – Too many interview rounds

The fact is … Google, in most cases, tends to limit the number of interviews to 4 during the hiring process in Google.

Tips on the Hiring Process at Google

1. Get in your application 

Submitting a powerful and compelling curriculum vitae is your first step. While you may want to write extensively about what you have done in your professional journey, ideally, your resume is limited to less than 2 pages, if you are looking for a real opportunity to get a job on Google.

2. No errors on the Resume

Ask your friend or mentor to analyze your CV up and down to detect any errors in your resume that may have missed your opportunity. Remember: First impressions tend to be the Last impressions.

3. Pay attention to the Bullet points 

The bullet points in a resume are important. These should not only be a list of what you have done, but should also convey the impact of what you have done or achieved.

4. Phone conversations

Once your resume has been reviewed and approved, you can start a telephone conversation with a Google recruiter. The things that a Google recruiter might be interested in knowing during this telephone conversation could be about their experience, backgrounds, their possible fit with the role, etc.

5. Technical rounds

If Google decides to continue with its candidacy, it could follow an additional telephone interaction with the team for which it is being considered. If you request a technical function, this could mean a coding interview.

6. Onsite interviews

Now is your chance, this is your moment! You can witness the incredible infrastructure and work environment in person during the most important on-site interview. For people requesting a technical role, this could mean questions on topics such as Data structures, Coding, Algorithms, etc.

Here you can also get some breaks that could include an informal lunch, even with other team members for whom you are being considered or even with the hiring manager.

Once the process is done in a satisfactory manner for the recruiter, his resume and any work sample he sends will be forwarded to the Hiring Committee, which signs it. The next level involves getting approvals from top-level Googlers, and once it’s approved, that’s it.

The following could be the phone call that breaks the pleasant news you’ve been waiting for:

You are hired and here’s your Offer.

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