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How to Stop Being Shy and Insecure: 5 Tips to Overcome

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Have you encountered a situation in which you have doubts about doing something? Have you ever felt uncomfortable talking to someone? It means that you are a shy person who feels insecure in difficult situations and talks less with people. Speaking less is not the problem, but running away from situations is not acceptable. This shows that there is a lack of confidence and that it is counted in the weakest section of society.

Initially, you can avoid situations, but you can not take it for long. People will repress you at every point if you do not open up and defend yourself. It is a kind of bad habit and can be overcome with certain practices that must be carried out regularly.

How to overcome shyness and be sure:

The following mentioned are few tips on overcoming fear and how to be more confident by getting over shyness.

1. Change your environment:

The first thing you should consider doing is changing the environment or the workplace where you work. You see that you are bored in one place and moving around helps you to take some fresh air so that you can concentrate on yourself. Your environment defines your mood.


A good environment will always have a positive impact on your body and mind. You can think better and you can also work better. As you can see, a good and positive workplace has made the employees more productive and the work presented by them is also fruitful.

Hiding will not help you to improve your shyness, you need to get out of the environment that is making you shy or where you can not open up to others. Always find such a crowd that is making you happy and where you can easily mold. Find a good company. Change your position in your workplace.

2. Identify your weakness:

Sometimes it happens so that he does not know the reason why he flees from a private person, avoids knowing others and does not feel comfortable attending social functions. Have you ever wondered why? The reason is that you have not tried to identify your weaknesses that make you feel bad in front of others.

Discover the reason why you are shy or what makes you feel insecure. Identify the negative traits that are inside you. Ask yourself these questions

What are the things that I always try to avoid?
What makes me feel insecure?
Why do some people bother me?
Why can not I face my own problems?
Write the points that make you insecure. Doing so will help you identify your weakness. You yourself have to make an effort and transform those habits. Sitting alone in a corner is not the solution. Weakness if overwhelmed from the beginning will prove to be adverse.

3. Start talking to people:

Talk with people. Sharing your thoughts can help you build confidence. You can talk to anyone in your neighborhood, at your workplace, at school or at university. Talk about any subject that is a trend or anything that is interesting to the other person. But make sure you choose the right person. The other person will not feel bad if you speak and she will not judge you. Just go talk. If you are shy to talk face-to-face, start sending text messages. Nowadays, you have many applications and social networking sites where you talk and discuss.

4. Manage your anxiety:

Managing anxiety disorder here refers to controlling speech anxiety. The greatest fear of humans is to speak in public. It is very normal for a person to feel shy or hesitant when speaking in front of a crowd. It is useful to take part in deep breathing in the face of a concern that incites social circumstances. Be that as it may, practice this strategy regularly. In this sense, it turns out to be a second nature, and it does not focus too much on deep breathing and a complete discussion is lost.

5. Try and face your fears:

Everyone has something of the other fear. You can not say that you are intrepid. Somewhere deep inside there is something that bothers you and you can get rid of it if you face them boldly. You need to be strong enough to face those fears. Some fears are simply unavoidable and, therefore, these fears must be treated with care.

At first it will be difficult to make a move, but you will gradually learn how to handle it. Be patient with yourself. Do not try again and again all at once. Take your time, read your fears and confront them. Try to throw away all the fears and anxieties. Fear will diminish you every moment.

It is sincere that anyone escapes social gatherings because of serious social anxiety. This may help in the short term, but in the long run, if you continue to avoid such social gatherings, this will become a major problem.

The fear of something is only in our mind and no one knows what is really going to happen. It may not be as bad as our minds think. So, the only way to overcome your fears is to confront them. Have the courage to confront them and confront them often so that they do not continue to be your fear.

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