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Interview Questions for freshers (Part-1)

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How to prepare for interview???

So are you straight from the college and looking for a job? And probably you have interview lined up.

Today we are going to help you to face the interview and to get the job.

You have completed your education and now you are going to enter in a new face of life.

So before entering into new life it is necessary to prepare yourself for that.


Common job interview questions for Freshers.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

Hint: Remember one thing that the person who is in front of you is not your best friend. So the things like I love being on watsapp or in social media or I have girlfriends is not the right things to mention. You need to mention education background, family background (in brief). You can talk about your personality trades and also you can talk about the things that you like to do in your free time.2

     2. Why should we hire you?

Hint: The interviewer asks this question to know that you seriously need this job or you are here because you are jobless. So you need to mention about your skills, and your ability with some examples. The company will hire you if you add value to their organization. So the skills must be related to the job.

    3.Talk about your strength.

Hint: You need to prepare this very carefully. For this list your strength and add examples for them.

For example if you want to talk about your leadership quality then add one example with it. You can say that I was leading a big presentation in my college. And the presentation did extremely well.  And you receive lot of appreciation for that.

Note: Please make your own example according to your skills. Don’t copy it.

    4- Are you planning for further studies?

Hint: This is a very tricky question because company wants to know that you really require the job or you are doing this just for few days. And after some days you will say bye to company.

No need to tell a lie. If you are pursuing any course, distance or part time, then mention it with objective. If you are planning then think before you mention it.

5. What do you know about our company?

Hint: Before going to attend the interview please use the search tools available on internet to know more and more about the companies. Visit the company website and try to understand about the company. Like what the products they make, who are their clients etc.


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