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Linux 5.0 is coming up

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Linux creator Linus Torvalds announced the Linux 5.0 release cycle. The version of Linux 5.0-rc1 confirms that the final version will arrive in March 2019.

Linux kernel enthusiasts and developers have been waiting for the ad for quite some time. Torvalds made this announcement on the Linux kernel mailing list. In his imitable style, Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux, said:

“The change of numbering does not indicate anything special, if you want to have an official reason, it’s because I’ve run out of fingers to count, so 4.21 has become 5.0.But Crazy Invent your own reason for which is 5.0 “.

The announcement suggests that the new version will bring significant changes. According to Torvalds, 50% of the changes will include those related to controllers, 20% will involve architectural modifications, 10% of the tools and the remaining 20% will be general changes to the networks, the file system, the documentation, the eternal central code. updated header, etc.


The most important changes are for graphics drivers. The graphics card-related changes include support for the Raspberry Pi touch screen and NVIDIA RTX AMD FreeSync. The new drivers will help Pi makers to create their own smart tablets or information screens.

Another improvement in graphics is the large version of the console font, which will make it much easier to read terminals on HiDPI screens, such as 4K displays. The developers have also eliminated performance issues related to Specter and Meltdown bug mitigation.

WireGuard is another network-related enhancement expected in the next release. The proposed integrated virtual private network (VPN) is not yet included in the kernel. Torvalds said the inclusion of the VPN is still ongoing. There are many features aligned for this version, we will know more in the next evaluation versions. Linux 5.0 will boost production-level distributions such as Fedora 30 and Ubuntu 19.04.

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