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Oppo launches its largest R & D center in Hyderabad; plans to hire 500 engineers

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo plans to recruit 500 engineers for its new R & D center in Hyderabad, which will be its largest research and development center outside of China.

Oppo will not focus solely on smartphone manufacturing, but will also work on new products such as the smart watch and the Internet of Things (IoT). The company remains optimistic about the evolution of its activities in India.

Oppo is open to working with small businesses and new technology companies to create a local ecosystem. The smartphone maker is currently exploring associations between verticals to develop relevant software solutions. Speaking to ET, Vice President and Head of R & D at Oppo, Tasleem Arif said: “The Indian market is growing very fast and we want to get more in-depth information from consumers to offer them a better experience that helps our company ”

The Hyderabad-based R & D unit is part of Oppo’s global R & D strategy. Oppo plans to invest a total of $ 1.43 billion in areas such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Oppo is rather optimistic about strengthening its research and development efforts with Indian facilities.


The company focuses on software development projects in India. Oppo is working on its color operating system, the Hyderabad center will boost the development of the operating system. Management added that Indian facilities will also focus on hardware compatibility issues by working closely with Indian cellular networks. The third approach is to improve camera capabilities for Oppo smartphones.

Oppo smartphones are attracting young consumers of smartphones to the country due to their cost. The Chinese smartphone maker is going through a difficult period since the resignation of Yi Wang, chief executive of Oppo India, this month. Wang had to withdraw due to the increase in losses and Oppo’s weak position in the Indian market.

In addition to Oppo, other brands of BBK Electronics, such as OnePlus and Vivo, are boosting their research and development efforts in India. The R & D goal of these companies is aligned with the local manufacturing of these companies in India. The hiring of Oppo’s research and development center in Hyderabad will begin at the beginning of next year.

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