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Crystal Structure: Unit cells, Metallic crystal structures, Ceramics. Imperfection in solids: Point, line, interfacial and volume defects; dislocation strengthening mechanisms and slip systems, critically resolved shear stress.

Mechanical Property measurement: Tensile, compression and torsion tests; Young’s modulus, relations between true and engineering stress-strain curves, generalized Hooke’s law, yielding and yield strength, ductility, resilience, toughness and elastic recovery; Hardness: Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers and their relation to strength.




Static failure theories: Ductile and brittle failure mechanisms, Tresca, Von-mises, Maximum normal stress, Mohr-Coulomb and Modified Mohr-Coulomb; Fracture mechanics: Introduction to Stress intensity factor approach and Griffith criterion. Fatigue failure: High cycle fatigue, Stress-life approach, SN curve, endurance and fatigue limits, effects of mean stress using the Modified Goodman diagram; Fracture with fatigue, Introduction to non-destructive testing (NDT).



Alloys, substitutional and interstitial solid solutions- Phase diagrams: Interpretation of binary phase diagrams and microstructure development; eutectic, peritectic, peritectoid and monotectic reactions. Iron Iron-carbide phase diagram and microstructural aspects ofledeburite, austenite, ferrite and cementite, cast iron.



Heat treatment of Steel: Annealing, tempering, normalising and spheroidising, isothermal transformation diagrams for Fe-C alloys and microstructure development. Continuous cooling curves and interpretation of final microstructures and properties-austempering, martempering, case hardening, carburizing, nitriding, cyaniding, carbo-nitriding, flame andinduction hardening, vacuum and plasma hardening.



Alloying of steel, properties of stainless steel and tool steels, maraging steels- cast irons;grey, white, malleable and spheroidal cast irons- copper and copper alloys; brass, bronze and cupro-nickel; Aluminium and Al-Cu – Mg alloys- Nickel based superalloys and Titaniumalloys

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