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Two-dimensional force systems: Basic concepts, Laws of motion, Principle of transmissibility of forces, transfer of a force to parallel position, resultant of a force system, simplest resultant of two dimensional concurrent and non-concurrent force systems, distribution of force systems, free body diagrams, equilibrium and equations of equilibrium.

Friction: Friction force – Laws of sliding friction – equilibrium analysis of simple systems with sliding friction – wedge friction.




Beam: Introduction, shear force and bending moment, different equations of equilibrium, shear force and bending moment diagram for statically determined beams.

Trusses: Introduction, simple truss and solution of simple truss, methods of F-joint and methods of sections.



Centroid and moment of inertia: Centroid of plane, curve, area, volume and composite bodies, moment of inertia of plane area, parallel axis theorem, perpendicular axis theorem, principle moment of inertia, mass moment of inertia of circular ring, disc, cylinder, sphere, and cone about their axis of symmetry.



Kinematics of rigid body: Introduction, plane motion of rigid body, velocity and acceleration under translational and rotational motion, relative velocity.

Kinetics of rigid body: Introduction, force, mass and acceleration, work and energy, impulse and momentum, D’Alembert’s principle and dynamic equilibrium.



Simple stress and strain: Introduction, normal and shear stresses, stress-strain diagrams for ductile and brittle material, elastic constants, one-dimensional loading of members of varying cross sections, strain energy.

Pure bending of beams: Introduction, simple bending theory, stress in beams of different cross sections.

Torsion: Introduction, torsion of shafts of circular cross sections, torque and twist, shear stress due to torque.


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