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Tech companies in India struggle to fill 4000 jobs in AI

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The growing adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created an increasing demand for AI engineers in all sectors. According to a new study by Analytics India, in collaboration with Great Learning, the emerging sector employs 4,000 people in the non-covered AI sector in India. The study suggests that 57% of companies have vacancies for engineers with artificial intelligence skills. Most RN roles require candidates with at least five years of experience. Medium and large IT companies are recruiting RN candidates for middle and senior positions.

The study points out that the trend towards adoption of AI and machine learning is increasing every year. There has been almost 30% growth in RN and ML jobs in the past year alone. Existing positions at AI and ML have been vacant for more than a year, making it very difficult for technology companies to find the right AI talent.

With respect to AI in particular, Indian employers are looking for key skills such as machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, data analytics, cloud computing, and digital recognition. forms in the candidates. The growing demand from these IT professionals, experts in new and emerging technologies. It will also increase net pay in the labor sector at all levels.

Another study conducted by the online learning platform, Simplilearn, reveals the average salary paid to engineers with the following skills:


– Architect in the cloud: Rs 18 to 30 lakh per year

– Computer engineer: 20 lakh per year

– Data Scientist: Rs 25 lakh per year

Bengaluru dominates the demand for workstations related to artificial intelligence. The main computer center in India currently employs around 32% of artificial intelligence engineers. IT companies based in Delhi and Mumbai have more vacancies in the field of AI. At present, AI employs about 40,000 people in India. IT professionals need to develop advanced skills to get jobs in these emerging technologies.

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