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The 5 main business languages ​​to learn for your professional growth

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The interconnectivity of the world has become much better every day, has made the world smaller and smaller. You can connect with anyone around the world without much trouble, you can even do business at different levels, from business partners, suppliers, merchants and many others.

Even import and export companies have become more popular since they can share the goods of several countries for the consumer. Larger organizations now prefer people who can speak fewer languages ​​than their own mother tongue.

Before choosing to learn a new language, it is important to understand the industry in which you are working, the commercial configuration of that specific industry, the countries that are fundamental for your clients or suppliers for your company and how it will benefit your employer.

Best Foreign Languages to Learn:

1. English:

English is the most common language in the world, one can easily find people in any country in the world who can speak English. More than 300 million people in the world speak English as a second language, it is also the official language in 53 countries. It is spoken prominently in the United Kingdom. Australia, the United States and India.


The popularity of the English language can be understood by the fact that most of the machines designed and coded are done in English. In addition, it is a language that has the highest number of speakers worldwide, even if you travel on vacation or do business, you can survive with English anywhere in the world. Being the most spoken language in the world, the opportunities offered by this language are immense and can not be counted.

2. Chinese(Mandarin):

China is one of the largest and most highly populated countries in the world. One can easily find Chinese in several countries that are doing successful business, it is known that the Chinese are good business partners and China has many manufacturing units, where people from other nations collaborate to meet business needs. There are more than 900 million people who speak Chinese, as a native language or as a second language.

It is a common language in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia. These are the countries known by companies in various sectors, in fact, it is known that China is a country that delves into various business opportunities in different sectors around the world.

Therefore, learning Chinese is an advantage for employers. Although it is a complicated language to learn and many find it difficult to understand during the initial phase, but once it is understood, it provides an advantage in your industry.

3. Russian:

Russian is known as a complicated language to learn, but once someone learns it, it can achieve easy access to success. There are many benefits and reasons to learn Russian, it is the official language in 6 countries and in the United Nations. There is a lot of talk in Eastern and Central Europe, there are more than 160 million people who speak Russian in the world. It is the popular language in the technical and scientific text.

Russians are known as great and efficient businessmen and good with diplomatic skills, but the concern is that they can not speak a language other than their native language. Russia being a superpower in the world has a bastion in the world’s economic growth. But if once a person learns Russian, he can obtain great commercial benefits with them, since they are also prominent leaders in the oil industry.

4. Japanese:

Japan is a leader when it comes to high technology in the world. They are the innovators in sectors of electronics and robots. The Japanese are known to be businessmen of an apt and accurate nature. Therefore, connecting and obtaining the benefits of advancing technology in learning Japanese is very useful. Japan is the second largest economy in the world and more than 128 million people speak Japanese.

There are many Japanese businessmen who speak English, but they are not yet efficient with the language. After Chinese is another complex language to learn. It is seen as an added value for those who speak Japanese. Learning Japanese opens the doors to large commercial associations in the world of technology and promises an assured growth for the organization.

5. Spanish:

Spanish is the most popular language in the United States and Europe after its native languages. There are more than 400 million Spanish speakers in the world. Many countries, especially the United States, are looking for people who speak Spanish and who dominate it. The western hemisphere of the world has a majority of Spanish speakers.

Spaniards can easily find themselves in industries such as the media, banking and retail. It is projected that the Spanish population will increase by 50% in the US. UU By 2050, becoming the largest part of the population of the USA. UU And contributing a lot to the US economy. UU

Around 20 countries recognize Spanish as an official language, which increases the horizon of business opportunities in the world. Another interesting thing about Spanish is that it is easier to learn and communicate than English and more and more people are changing to learn Spanish from English.

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