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Top 5 Best Paid IT Jobs

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One of the silent aspirations of a person with a professional career is to get gainful employment that allows them to live comfortably. It is also one of the objectives of students when they choose a course or a career when they enter their university years. Everyone wants a job that he likes, but they can pay dearly. Especially in this digital age where everything is managed by computer. More and more people are choosing IT as a career path, not only because the demand is high, but because it pays well.

1. Software Architect

The average salary of a software architect can reach $ 116,267. Yes, you read it correctly. They are the software experts. Typical tasks include: assembling and supervising the project, as well as the team that executes it, also creates software design models and chooses coding standards, tools, and platforms.

In addition, software architects also provide progress reports to management and correct code errors. They are also responsible for monitoring tests and follow-up actions, as well as performance against the objectives of the software. project.

Google is one of the highest paid companies for this job.


2. Data Scientist

Data scientists can receive payments of up to $ 109,399 as average compensation. What they really do is analyze the data and obtain actionable information after the analysis. The details should be of interest to them because they have to collect and clean complex digital data, such as the use of website statistics, to be able to interpret them very well. They are very important in a business, especially to help them in their decision-making process. Many technology companies in Silicon Valley are hiring for this type of work.

3. Software Engineer

With an average salary of $ 98,304, software engineering could be the job of your dreams. They are responsible for the optimization of the software. The work is based on technical, mathematical or scientific knowledge through engineering principles. Software engineers develop and maintain system applications and the system itself. Google, Apple and Yahoo are among the highest paid companies for this profile.

4. Mobile App Developer

The average salary for a mobile application developer is approximately $ 96,133. They understand well Android or iOS and the underlying programming languages ​​that they must use to develop an application. They develop Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used for multiple features and data connectivity. Google, Facebook and Uber are among the best-paid companies for mobile application development.

5. Database Admin

$ 87,025 is the average salary of a database administrator. They must identify the needs of the users. They are the ones who manage the company’s database. It also designs and implements databases, schedules, runs periodic backups, and recovers lost data, if necessary. They implement and monitor the security of the database and ensure the integrity of the data. Microsoft and Epic Systems are hiring this type of work.


Of course, there are many jobs to choose from. It is important that you choose the work you love and work that can earn you enough to meet all your needs. However, do not rely primarily on salary as a decisive factor in applying for these jobs, as these jobs are not easy. You must have a great knowledge of this area and be very interested in the details. So, if you are looking for a job now and you like computers (especially software), use this list as a guide to follow.


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