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Websites will find it difficult to track users on Chrome’s Incognito mode

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Google has decided to fill a gap in its Chrome browser. The lagoon allowed websites to check if the user is in private browsing mode. Google has announced this solution designed to make it harder for websites to track their browsing mode.

Internet users usually use incognito mode to keep their browsing history secret. The developers used third-party tools to track the websites they visited, even in private browsing mode. The company has announced that it will soon remedy the situation so that the incognito mode in the Chrome browser is really private.

The next Chrome v74 will bring the new mode of preventing detection incognito. The solution will disconnect the user from the registered accounts of Google, Facebook and Amazon. The solution is visible in recent engagements with the management of Gerrit code Chromium.

Developers often try to use the File System API, which allows permanent files to display information, which is otherwise disabled in incognito mode. Web sites often track it to collect cookie data, which is then used for advertising.


The problem was reported for the first time in 2017. Google knew that website developers were trying to access cookie data from users in incognito mode.

Google could make it an experimental feature in Google Chrome 74; later, it will be presented as the default setting from Chrome 76.

Chrome 74 is likely to bring a darker mode for Windows and MacOS. The function is fully automatic and can be activated by adjusting the theme configuration in the system operating system configuration.

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