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What is an internship and what do interns do?

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A good internship can give you an advantage among your colleagues and gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills to potential employers in the future.

Internships are paid or not, but both help you a lot in many ways. Let’s see in detail about it.

What is meant by Internship Exactly?

If you need to learn to swim or drive a car, do you just read the instructions and understand everything?

Untrue! You really need to immerse yourself in the water and try to learn to swim.In the same way, before officially entering the corporate world, Internship offers you a test and allows you to understand how things work in the corporate world.


Although the curriculum is important, the internship gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the practical world.The internship is a short association with a company that is related to the students or the field of study of a graduate. The internship can be done in different sectors, which includes marketing, sales, IT, design, etc.

The duration of the internship can vary, it can be as short as a week or it can also be 6 months. The longer you stay, the better you can understand the culture and work style of the organization.

Why Internship is Important for Students:

  1. Real time experience
  2. Strengthen your Resume
  3. If you do well, you will have Network
  4. You can test you knowledge and skills
  5. Foundation for your career
  6. Time management
  7. Life time experience

Some Advantages of Internship:

Lifetime experience:

You may have the opportunity to work on something very exciting, but you may find it difficult to find it in a full-time job.

Therefore, it is recommended to make the most of the opportunity and have a good time learning new things. You can make lifelong friends with people who have a similar mindset and have the same passion as you.

Finding role-models:

You will get to know many directors and managers in your internship, surely there will be a person that you will admire, their leadership skills or ability to solve problems will be something that you will want to instill in you.

You can get clues about how you want it to be in a decade of your career.

What Do Interns Do?

The responsibilities of the interns depend on the field they have chosen, in general, they will be assigned simple tasks or some administrative tasks to be performed.

Do not get discouraged and do it well. You may be assigned a substantial task considering your willingness to learn. If you get such a task, do it right by any means.

The marketing intern can undertake a market study, research on certain topics or make a presentation of the data provided.

The human resources intern can receive a task to evaluate CVS and validate candidates who are willing to change jobs.

You must choose an internship that aligns well with your professional goals. Some internships can provide your practical experience, while others can only involve you in administrative tasks.
If you have a challenging task in your internship that gives you the opportunity to work in several departments, it will be an excellent opportunity to connect with all kinds of people and have an idea of ​​the organizational hierarchy in general.

To obtain additional responsibilities, you must take the initiative, commit to most people and apply for the job you want to work on.


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