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What to do after an interview? How to follow the advice

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You sent your resume and you were invited to the job interview. Everything seems to be just perfect, like the food that Goddie had prepared in the Goddie and Bear children cartoon. Therefore, follow all the tips on how to prepare for an interview and it looks like it is ready.

But wait just a minute!

Are you prepared for the set of things you need to do immediately after the interview?

He knows that the interview process does not end when the recruiter asks if he has any questions.


The interview process ends when you receive the offer letter or not.

While many people focus so much on the processes before the interviews, the actual steps they take immediately after an interview can make a big difference, whether they get the job or not.

This guide is to help you consolidate your great achievement in the things you must do immediately after the interview to increase your chances of being hired.


Let’s go deeper into “What to do after the interview?”

1. Always ask questions regarding the following steps:

As I said before, the interview does not end immediately, the interviewer stops asking questions or after you ask your questions. Once you have finished with the question sessions and the interviewer has thanked you for attending, the next thing is to ask the interviewer what the next steps are after an interview. Some of the most important things you want to clarify are asking questions. You can

Ask questions about:

  • How long the process is?
  • When are you likely to get feedback?
  • Ask them if it is okay to keep in touch with them and if the answer is a yes, then you want to ask for their contact information or business cards.

2. Evaluate your performance:

Once you leave the room, you should go to a quiet place and access their performance. Try and remember all the questions you were asked, and what your answers were, where. You want to evaluate your performance and give yourself a score if you did well in the interview.

This is important for future purposes so you can know the areas where you need to improve the performance of your interview.

3. Online Portfolio Review:

If you’re just doing this, then that means you were not prepared properly for the interview. In spite of that, it is not a bad moment for you to immediately review your online portfolio at this stage. If the company is interested in hiring you, they may now want to seriously review your online portfolio, especially your social media pages. While most recruiters use LinkedIn, it is important to make your LinkedIn page as professional as possible, some can go further and check their Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

4. Contact your references:

Immediately after the interview, it is the right time to get in touch with your possible references and keep them in the knowledge that your potential employer can contact them and know if they are willing to provide not only useful but also positive information about you.

Giving your references a notice ensures that they are not discovered and, therefore, can provide accurate and correct information about you.

5. Send a thank you letter:

A few hours after the interview, usually no more than 48 hours, you want to send a thank you letter to your interviewers.

Sending a thank you letter is very important for the following reasons

1.Show that you appreciate the opportunity that is given to you.

2.It differentiates you from the rest of the package

3.It gives you the opportunity to reformulate your skills and why you are the best candidate for the position

4.You have the opportunity to reset unique points of interest.

5.It gives you the opportunity to mention a particular force that you did not mention during the interview

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