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Why do we fail in job interviews: failures and mistakes that should be avoided?

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The ocean of knowledge is unfathomable; The deeper you deepen your depth, the more you will extract from it to expand the horizon of your knowledge. However, there are some phases of life in which his knowledge is measured based on a criterion that is carried out through exams and interviews he faces in his educational and professional career. Especially, the interview is such a crucial stage in the pursuit of his career, where he thoroughly analyzes his entire personality in addition to evaluating what he has learned so far. In other words, an interview is a gateway through which you can enter to sit in the seat to which you have been aspiring. So while you are presenting for an interview, you should be careful not only with what you are asked for, but you will also have to improve your body language. He must be meticulous about the sentences he is using in the answers that should not be irrelevant or out of context. You must avoid the way you talk and the behavior that gives a negative impression to the interviewer or the employer. Of course, what you need to maintain is your confidence and clarity.

In a face-to-face interview, you must adopt and avoid certain things to improve your ability to qualify. Here are 5 remarkable things to avoid when giving a face-to-face interview:

1.Never be late

If he is late, he is translating his passivity, giving a bad instant impression of himself. It may reflect poorly on you and suggest to the interviewer that you are unreliable and may continue to be late to work in the future. Therefore, you should avoid being late, leaving enough time to get to your interview site on time.

2.Inadequate Preparation

The most important thing is how well you are prepared. If you have not prepared adequately according to the requirements, you will perform poorly in the interview. It also gives the interviewer such an impression that it does not bother him if he gets the job or not. So it is better to prepare yourself to know about the subject of the interview and also about the company you will be joining. Therefore, you should avoid improper preparation.

3.Awkward body language

Your interviewer will definitely have more experience and have a meticulous eye on everything related to your personality in general. By interviewing you, you will also have your look at how you are speaking in addition to the movement of your limbs, the expression of the face and the confidence in the delivery of words. So you can read your body language well. Most employers prefer to select well-educated and confident candidates. Keep good eye contact, sit up straight and talk with a smile without getting nervous about any questions.

4.Avoid keeping mum

During the interview, your employer or interviewer would also like to see your enthusiasm for being part of your company. So you should avoid staying silent throughout the interview. Rather, you should raise some relevant questions about the company you will be joining. It will give you such an impression that you are not interested in joining their company.

5.Badmouthing former employers

Despite the bitter fact that your former employers were insensitive or were not good to you or your other employees, avoid criticizing them or telling them something bad. Saying these things reveals to you that you are non-diplomatic and indiscreet while they interview you. In addition, your employer will also feel that if you criticize your former employers, you will be able to do it tomorrow with them too.



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