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Wipro starts online test for fresher hiring

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The big Indian IT companies seem to be moving towards online assessments for newer hires, rather than following the tedious process of visiting university engineering campuses across the country.

TCSNSE -2.98% initiated it and TOI reported it in September. WiproNSE -3.35% has launched a similar initiative. They call it the National Elite Talent Hunt (NLTH). The idea is to democratize a more recent contract and reach more graduates across the country. The 140-minute assessment process tests the candidate’s ability, written communication skills, and online programming skills. Candidates can choose from several programming languages: Java, C, C ++, Python.

“As we continue to visit a number of campuses, we also wanted to take a closer look at the pool of talent available to target and attract these people, we chose this national test as an alternative recruiting channel. catchment area and also build a repository of digital skills,He stated that Wipro’s president and chief operating officer, Bhanumurthy B M. TCS, is called a national qualifying test and is followed by a video interview or a personal interview, depending on the location of the candidate. . The company said it could complete the online recruitment process in three or four weeks, compared to the three or four months that the traditional process takes.

Bhanumurthy also said the process shortens the recruiting time dramatically.


Bhanumurthy said they are mainly looking for the skills needed to identify a problem, conceptualize the solution, break it down into smaller parts, and translate an algorithm into a relevant piece of code. “Although we have preferences for certain languages ​​(programming), we do not care about the language in which people specialize, but they have to identify and solve problems,” he said.

While Wipro has increased its basic base salary from 3.2 lakh to 3.5 lakh per year, there are also more pronounced differences in the most recent salaries, depending on skills. Bhanumurthy said that many students are entering universities today with better technological knowledge. “They now have more external tools to learn on their own,” he said. Wipro also offers what it calls the Turbo program, which uses high-level institutes such as IIT and NIT.

For these contracts, the pay starts at 6.5-7 lakh. He also has the Star Program for B School Talent, where salaries are Rs 10-12 lakh. Other companies have also taken similar initiatives. InfosysNSE -3.13% launched an energy program about two quarters ago, where new graduates with niche coding skills receive an annual salary of 7 to 8 lakh.

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