Android 5.1 Lollipop Coming Soon……


The two  announcements from Google

1- the latest Android Lollipop 5.1 to come along new Android One smartphones in Indonesia 

2- Much-awaited Android 5.0 Lollipop  for Android One smartphones in India in the next week or so.

Android 5.1 would be launched by the end of February 2015….

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TCS is Hiring Freshers 2015, Registration Details

TCS Off Campus Drive Registration For 2015 Batch Freshers


Step 1: Registration

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Happy New Year !!!!!

happy new yr

We are celebrating our 1st anniversary…….


Thanks to all of you for your valuable support and suggestions. This has been such a fantastic year.It is you who pushed us to take a leap of faith and start this in the first place. It is you who has been supportive, appreciative and most importantly, has referred us.

…..Team UPTU Notes


Revised UPTU Exam Date Sheet

date sheet

Again UPTU revised Date Sheet of Odd Semester Exam-2014-15. kindly check new revised Date Sheet.


All The Best……….


Team UPTU Notes.



UPTU Special Carry Over 2013-2014 Results


UPTU has finally declared the result of the UPTU Special Carry Over 2013-2014 of  Noida and Lucknow region.


Find the link to your result below and we wish you the very best!

Notes: Network Analysis & Synthesis (NEC-301), Unit-I


Introducing you the topics of Network Analysis & Synthesis (NEC-301)  (UNIT-I) in very summarized way. These notes are provided by Mr. Deepak Pandey

Content: Signal analysis, complex frequency, network analysis, network Synthesis, General characteristics and descriptions of signals, step function and associated wave forms, the unit impulse. Introduction to network analysis, network  elements, initial and final conditions, step and impulse response, solution of network equations.

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Notes: Electronics Engg.(NEC-101), Unit-1 (Theory)


Introducing you the theory part  of  Electronics Engg.  (UNIT-I) in very summarized way. These notes are provided by Mr. Navneet Pal .

Content: Semiconductor Diode : Depletion layer, V-I characteristics, ideal and practical, diode resistance,capacitance, Diode Equivalent Circuits, Transition and Diffusion Capacitance,Zener Diodes breakdown mechanism (Zener and avalanche)

Half and Full Wave rectification, Clippers, Clampers,

Zener diode as shunt regulator, Voltage-Multiplier Circuits

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Revised Cabinet Ministers


Increase your General Knowledge…

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Notes: Electronics Engg. (NEC-101) ,Special purpose devices


Introducing you the topics of  Electronics Engg.  (UNIT-I) in very summarized way. These notes are provided by Mr. Navneet Pal .

Content:Special Purpose two terminal Devices: Light-Emitting Diodes (LED), Varactor (Varicap)Diodes, Tunnel Diodes, Liquid-Crystal Displays.

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