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B.Tech Second Year Question Papers

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Here providing you the question papers which are going to assist you in all the possible ways:

Electrical and Electronics & Communication Engg:

Electro- Mechanical Energy Conservtiaon  Paper-1 | Paper-2 | Paper-3

Fundamentals of Electronics devices(EEC-301)
Electromagenetic Field Theory (EEC-303)
Digital Electronics(EEC-302)
Network Analysis & Synthesis(EEC-304)

Signals & System (EEC-404)
Paper1     Paper2     Paper3      Paper4  Paper 5

CAO (EEC-402)
Electronic Circuits (EEC-401)
Electronic instrumentation & Measurements (EEC-403)


Computer Science & Information Technology:

Digital Logic Design (ECS-301)
ITIM (ECS-304)
Discrete Mathematical Stucture (ECS-303)
Object oriented system (ECS-305)
Data Structure using ‘C’ (ECS-302)

Computer Organization (ECS-401)
Soft Computing (EOE-041)
Theory of Automata (ECS-403)
DBMS (ECS-402)
Web Technology (EIT-401)
Software Engg. (EIT-402)
Micro Processor (EEC-406)

Mechanical Engineering & Civil Engineering:

Fluid Mechanics (ECE-301)
Thermodynamics (EME-303)
Surveying-I (ECE-303)
Material Science in Engineering (EME-301)
Building Material & construction (ECE-302)
Strength of Material (EME-302)

Applied Thermodynamics (EME-401)
Electrical Machines & Automatic Control (EEE-409)
Structure Analysis-I (ECE-401)
Geoinformatics (ECE-402)
Measurement & Metrology (EME-403)
Engg. Geology (ECE-404)
Manufacturing Science-I (EME-402)
Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines (ECE-403)
Maths-III (EAS-301)
Industrial Physcology (EHU-401)
Industrial Sociology (EHU-302)
Laser (EOE-033)

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