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PUBG Mobile tips from the team in India

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It’s no secret that PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games in India right now. Last month, Tencent’s editor organized the first PUBG Mobile Campus Championship in the country.

Terrifying Nightmares is a four-person team of PUBG Mobile composed of Shivangi, her brother Ishaan tiwari, Amit rathore and Abhay Tiwari. All come from different backgrounds, such as hotel management and engineering, and Shivangi is a medical student.

“Ishaan, Amit and I were in the same classes and we’ve known each other for eight or nine years,” says Abhay. “Amit  was at school with me, Amit and I were playing video games together, but later we all started playing together.”

The reason to choose to play PUBG Mobile was due to the dislike of his brother for Fortnite, which at that time had not yet reached Android or iOS.


“I used to play Fortnite on PS4, but I was not comfortable with the controls, so he checked what was on the phone and found PUBG that he had downloaded. after reading the reviews, “he recalls. “The graphics were really good and he decided to play and he played very well in his first season, he wanted to keep playing, he just wanted to play with the people he knew, he wanted to develop more chemistry, he asked us all to download the game and that’s how we ended up downloading it to a squadron. ”

“Until the semifinals, we thought it was just a game we played calmly before becoming serious,” he said before explaining the team’s pre-final regime. .

“We used to go into training mode separately to find which weapon had the most power, which weapon had the least recoil, and after connecting all the accessories, which weapon increased its power and reduced its recoil to determine what weapon we had to use, “he explains.

And while it may seem extreme for a title with a random element due to the elements present in the process, Abhay says it helped them stay prepared. In fact, they went further by delegating roles to each member.

“I was a grenadier and a sniper, while Ishaan and Abhay played the supporting role and Amit led the charge against the enemy,” he says. “That’s how we practice everything.”

In addition, Terrifying Nightmares used the PUBG Mobile Room feature to know the nuances of its cards.

“Usually people create a room to play with their own group of friends,” he says. “However, we would create a room in which we would not kill ourselves first, but we would analyze the whole map, go to different places, see the buildings, how to conquer a particular place or building. a piece, we played duet, two of us would be on the defensive, two would attack and we would see if we killed ourselves, that’s how we analyzed everything on the map and we were very successful.

And there was more. In order to prepare even more, they met PUBG Mobile users on YouTube, most of whom play the game on the PC through an emulation that gives them an unfair advantage.

“The YouTubers who transmit PUBG Mobile create rooms and publicly grant room identification so that everyone can participate,” he said. “The majority of PUBG mobile users currently are emulative players who play the game on PC, so we thought it would be very difficult to the point of not being able to defeat them.” We deliberately joined these rooms in order to have a tough competition and understand how they play, even if it was a keyboard, a mouse, etc., we wanted a tough opponent against us to find out if we can defeat them or if it is impossible. To train harder, we had to do it. .

This abrupt ramp to a methodical style of play worked well for the team in the final, as it helped them stand firm against the fierce opposition and the team hopes it is worth it in Dubai.

“We are aiming for a top 3 in Dubai,” he said. “In Dubai, there will be professional players, they will be better or worse, we do not know, but we must be careful and know how they can play.”

“You need a month to learn the game,” he says. “Play classic games, do not join any room from beginning to end, train and improve your goal, if it’s good, learn how to equip the right weapon at the right time, know how to use it.”

The conversation changes games as a viable career option. As e-sport is gradually gaining legitimacy in India, we wonder what Abhay thinks of the profession of competitive player. He left us with that.

“The day you take him for a career, everything becomes serious and you lose faith in yourself,” he says. “One thing is wrong, your morale goes down, everything goes wrong, take it as your passion, play for pleasure, that’s it, do not take it like a race, play for passion, play.” for pleasure.

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