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Tech innovations that you can expect this year

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Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 on January 8, 2019, at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. With the representation of more than 4,500 companies, developers, manufacturers and consumer technology providers, this year’s CES is expected to be a mega event. Year after year, the CES unveils technologies that can impact our lives and make them more practical. These are the main technologies that you can experiment at CES this year.

1. 5G standard

The next generation of wireless standards promises ultra-fast speeds with near-zero latency. Internet 5G technology should be the key introduction to game change at CES. The 5G-enabled devices introduced in 2019 will define how disruptive technology can be in the years to come.

2. Portable health technology

Wearables fitness products will continue to be popular at CES this year. Technology giants such as Apple and Fitbit, and even new companies working in health technologies, will attract attention in the category of portable devices. The health technology segment will be more intense at CES 2019.

3. Invisible to invisible (I2V)

One of the most anticipated innovations will be Nissan’s highly anticipated I2V technology. Imagine turning the windshield of your car into a virtual monitor. Yes, that is precisely what could soon become a reality thanks to Nissan’s technological innovation, which will use data from cameras and sensors mounted on the vehicle and take advantage of the power of cloud computing to achieve results.

4. Virtual Reality

Oculus, of Facebook, is expected to send its fully independent six-degree freedom wireless virtual reality headsets, or 6DoFs, which refer to headsets with rotational movement and translation capability. HTC will unveil its Live line at a press conference at CES. It would be interesting to see if a VR helmet technology manufacturer will be able to challenge the Oculus Quest domain.

5. Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has become a buzzword today. The CES 2019 will have a series of lectures and workshops on AI. Experts from various fields meet to discuss the future of technology with AI. Gadget manufacturers integrate existing voice assistants to enhance the experience of their products.

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