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Introduction to solid, liquid and gaseous fuels– Stoichiometry, exhaust gas analysis- First law analysis of combustion reactions- Heat calculations using enthalpy tables- Adiabatic flame temperature- Chemical equilibrium and equilibrium composition calculations using free energy. Introduction and Otto, Diesel and Dual cycles.




Vapour Power cycles: Vapor power cycles Rankine cycle with superheat, reheat and regeneration, exergy analysis. Rankine cycle, effect of pressure and temperature on Rankine cycle, Reheat cycle, Regenerative cycle, Feed water heaters, Binary vapour cycle, Combined cycles, Cogeneration. Fuels and Combustion: Combustion analysis, heating values, air requirement, Air/Fuel ratio, standard heat of reaction and effect of temperature on standard heat of reaction, heat of formation, Adiabatic flame temperature.



Boilers: Classifications and working of boilers, boiler mountings and accessories, Draught and its calculations, air pre-heater, feed water heater, super heater. Boiler efficiency, Equivalent evaporation. Boiler trial and heat balance. Condenser: Classification of condenser, air leakage, condenser performance parameters.



Steam and Gas Nozzles: Flow through Convergent and convergent-divergent nozzles, variation of velocity, area and specific volume, choked flow, throat area, Nozzle efficiency, Off design operation of nozzle, Shock waves stationary normal shock waves, Effect of friction on nozzle, Super saturated flow.

Steam Turbines: Classification of steam turbine, Impulse and Reaction turbines, Staging, Stage and Overall efficiency, reheat factor, Bleeding, Velocity diagram of simple and compound multistage impulse and reaction turbines and related calculations, work done, efficiencies of reaction, Impulse reaction turbines, state point locus, Losses in steam turbines, Governing of turbines, Comparison with steam engine.



Gas Turbine: Gas turbine classification, Brayton cycle, Principles of gas turbine, Gas turbine cycles with inter-cooling, reheat and regeneration and their combinations, Stage efficiency, Polytropic efficiency. Deviation of actual cycles from ideal cycles.

Jet Propulsion: Introduction to the principles of jet propulsion, Turbojet and turboprop engines and their processes, Principle of rocket propulsion, Introduction to Rocket Engine. Reciprocating compressors, staging of reciprocating compressors, optimal stage pressure ratio, effect of inter-cooling, minimum work for multistage reciprocating compressors.

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